Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Nov 13, 2017

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Whether you’re traveling across the country or down the street, the Decatur Police Department has a few reminders for a safe start to the holiday season.


  • Get prepared. Clean your windshield and make sure your signals and lights are clearly visible to other drivers. Leave on a full tank of gas. Know your route and look in advance for alternate roads to avoid detours or major construction. Make sure you are well rested when you begin the trip.
  • Stay alert. If your journey is a long one, take plenty of breaks to prevent road fatigue. Don’t give into the urge to text or check Facebook when traffic dies down. Switch drivers if you start to feel sleepy.
  • Arrive safely. Turn on your headlights as soon as dusk approaches. Resist the temptation to drive faster as you approach your destination.

Holiday Festivities

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  • Enjoy the moment. If you’re away from home, never post your location on social media. This helps prevent a potential home break-in. While you’re away, keep a light turned on or have a radio playing to give the appearance of activity in your home.
  • Staying at home? With guests coming in and out, make sure your doors are locked and your garage door is shut once everyone arrives.
  • Be alert and aware on Black Friday. If shopping during the early hours after Thanksgiving is a long-awaited tradition, be sure to keep your wallet or purse concealed within your coat or close to your person. Only take out money when prompted at the registers. Always park in a well-lit space. Remember to put your newly purchased items in your trunk and out of sight as you travel from store to store.

In addition to staying safe on the roadways and at home, the Decatur Police Department encourages you to practice fire safety in the kitchen and reminds you to never leave your fryers or grills unattended while in use.