Teen Driver Safety Week with the Decatur Police Department

Oct 17, 2017

The Decatur Police Department is teaming up with Decatur High School to reinforce safe driving habits for students during Teen Driver Safety Week.

In addition to two days of officer instruction during driver’s education classes, students who demonstrate positive driving behaviors on campus will be rewarded with a surprise from Safety Education Officer Atchley and School Resource Officer Jones.

Decatur High students will have the opportunity to operate a golf cart through a closed course on campus with sensory-modifying goggles to experience the effects of driving while under the influence.

To create a platform for questions about proper vehicle operation and defensive driving techniques, Officer Atchley will accompany student drivers on their school-facilitated driving routes throughout the week.

Decatur High’s students will participate in a meme contest to capture a key message from the Teen Driver Safety Week curriculum. The SRO-selected winner will have posters printed of their meme by the Decatur Police Department to be posted throughout the community.

“Teen Driver Safety Week provides a time for us to reiterate key driving behaviors. This week allows us to emphasize what not to do behind the wheel and gives us the opportunity to reward the teen drivers who practice safe driving habits,” says Officer Atchley.

About Teen Driver Safety Week

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Teen Driver Safety Week is promoted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The week focuses on four primary tenets of curriculum reinforcement:

  • Abiding by the Move Over Law for emergency vehicles
  • Wearing a seatbelt at all times
  • Avoiding distractions, like texting, while on the road
  • Preventing underage drinking and driving

According to the NHTSA, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of deaths for teens.