Spring Reminders from Street & Environmental Services

Mar 23, 2018

Spring is here … and probably is your to-do list of outdoor projects!

Remember that building debris four (4) inches or larger, dirt, or remnants from a contracting project (landscaping, tree surgeon, etc.) should be removed by the land owner.

For more information, you can visit our page dedicated to FAQs from the Street & Environmental Services Department.

City of Decatur Code

Sec. 19-7. – Collection of building debris, dirt, stumps, tree trunks.

Building debris such as scrap lumber, plaster, roofing, concrete, brickbats and sanding dust resulting from the construction, repair or remodeling of any building or appurtenances on private property, dirt, stumps and tree trunks, limbs and branches four (4) inches or larger in diameter, will not be removed by the sanitation department or the city’s contractor. The owner must remove this waste privately.

(Code 1956, § 10-11)

Sec. 19-9. – Tree surgeons, etc.

It shall be the responsibility of all fence companies, tree surgeons, nurseries, and landscape contractors or any individual or company doing work on private property to remove from premises all residue and rubbish resulting from said work.

(Code 1956, § 10-14)