New Municipal Website for Decatur

Apr 20, 2017

City Website

The City of Decatur has released a redesigned municipal website with a streamlined interface, combining a vivid display with an intuitive page flow catered for each browsing audience.

New Website Features

The new website interface is responsive to all devices, meaning the content of the page will automatically adjust to the unique display on a viewer’s phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

To expedite the information-finding process, the home page includes a hub for easy access to notices, such as weather alerts, traffic notifications, and general reminders. Local events, bid opportunities, and news items are viewable from the landing page and provide interactive maps and external links for quick access to more details.

Those interested in applying for a position with the City can now self-enroll in a notification service that will alert them of any updates to career listings.

Redesigned department pages highlight hours of operation, phone numbers, and office locations to make finding contact information quicker and easier.

“By having an improved user interface, our website can now cater to the specific informational needs of both residents and visitors. We have reduced the time it takes for users to find the information they need and have increased the features that sustain city-wide communication through social media feeds, improved event listings, and forms to give voice to citizens’ thoughts and suggestions,” says Information Systems Director Brad Phillips.

Future Developments

Decatur’s new municipal software, Tyler Technologies, will coincide with the website’s broadening reach, as it grows to include business license applications and other citizen- and industry-based services. Efforts have begun to investigate an additional “click it to fix it” system, which will allow residents to report observances, like traffic light outages and potholes.