Greystone subdivision, entertainment district to expand

May 23, 2018

From The Decatur Daily
By: Bayne Hughes

A popular Southwest Decatur subdivision is growing again, a new salon is opening, and the Planning Commission wants to expand the city’s arts and entertainment district.

John Strickland and the Greystone Property Group are planning a fourth phase of the Greystone subdivision north of Modaus Road and Castle Gate Boulevard in Southwest Decatur.

This phase will feature 11 patio homes adjacent to the third phase, which has townhomes that were built last year. The change required the Planning Commission on Tuesday to approve rezoning the property from R-6, townhomes, to R-5, patio homes.

The commission also approved the site plan for the 2.28-acre property.

Nancy Davis, a resident of the new townhomes, asked the Planning Commission to require Strickland to honor the 10-foot setback requirement in the city code on the two homes closest to the townhomes.

The Planning Commission agreed with her requests and included the conditions on approval. City Planner Karen Smith said single-story patio homes are planned.

At the request of the city, the Planning Commission voted to recommend expanding the city’s arts and entertainment district to include City Café and the Morgan County-Decatur Farmers Market on First Avenue Southeast.

Smith said it was an oversight that left these areas out of the A&E district, which allows people to carry alcohol in an open container in public. The A&E district has been one of the city’s most popular additions since it was created in 2013.

Smith said the expansion of the district will allow additional events at the farmers market and in its parking lot.

The City Council will now consider the recommendation.

In business news, Maria Flores plans to open a salon in a renovated building on 10th Street Southeast. The Planning Commission approved her request to consolidate four lots for the new business.

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