Decatur Police Department Initiates New Safety Campaign

Aug 28, 2017

The Decatur Police Department is encouraging residents to join in a community-wide safety initiative to prevent theft from unlocked vehicles and unsecured homes — the #8PMRoutine.

About the #8PMRoutine

The #8PMRoutine, promoted through social media, reminds residents to check their doors and locks before retiring for the evening.

Decatur residents are encouraged to share and comment on the Decatur Police Department’s Facebook and Twitter posts to spread the message.

“We know residential areas with unlocked homes and cars are easy targets for criminals. Even though we feel safe in our neighborhoods, we can create a more secure community through the #8PMRoutine,” says Public Information Liaison Emily Long.

Nationally, one in three burglars access personal property through an unlocked door or window.

Tips to Prevent Theft

In addition to the #8PMRoutine, the Decatur Police Department encourages you to incorporate the following safety tips into your day:

  • Even if you’re mowing the lawn or raking your leaves, lock your doors.
  • When you’re away from your yard, secure tools, ladders, and lawn equipment in a shed or garage with a padlock.
  • Don’t leave your garage doors open. If you have a keypad entry to your garage, change the password on a regular basis.
  • If you park your car outside, be sure to close your windows and sunroof. Always park in a well-lit and open space.
  • When you leave your vehicle, make sure you remove all personal items, especially medication and electronics. If you must leave an item or bag behind, make sure you store it in your trunk before you get to your final destination.