The City of Decatur Begins Blogging

Apr 20, 2017

Official City Blog


To complement the release of their new municipal website, the municipality of Decatur, Alabama, has unveiled the newest addition to their digital presence – the Official Blog of the City of Decatur.

A seamless extension of, the blog will feature articles written by contributors such as Mayor Tab Bowling, department leaders, and residents. From road construction updates to a full recap of the 2017 State of the City address, readers can stay in the loop on the latest Decatur news in a relaxed and engaging platform.

Optimized with responsive technology, the blog is easily accessible on all devices. So whether you’re on the go or have a moment at home, the City of Decatur’s blog is always available as a touchstone for community news.

Decatur’s official blog offers a fresh insight into the operations of city government for residents and visitors alike. The article segment, “From the Mayor’s Desk,” will discuss recent Decatur developments from the vantage of Mayor Bowling’s perspective, adding depth to the municipal process.

Primed for sharing, the blog gives residents and visitors the ability to share articles to their own social media profiles to continue the conversation.

Only a click away from the full city website and departmental contact page, the city blog empowers readers to assume an active role in local government by learning more about municipal operations through complimentary web resources.

Subscribers will receive quarterly updates straight to their inbox with a newsletter composed of the most popular blog content.

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