Cook's Natural Science Museum

Wonders of God’s Creatures on Display at Cook’S Natural Science Museum

It may be the most impressive natural science collection you’ve ever seen . . . and it’s free! Cook’s Natural Science Museum, in Decatur, Ala., began some three decades ago from one man’s interest in natural science and his desire to develop one of the best Entomology and Related Science Courses for the pest control industry anywhere in the country.

This dream has grown into an extensive collection of more than 2,000 highly rated exhibits ranging from mounted wildlife and birds, minerals and rocks, to exotic insects, sea shells, snakes and coral. All are housed in a modern, 5,000-square-foot facility and are available for viewing at no charge as a community service of John R. Cook, Sr.

The museum originated from the private collection of Mr. Cook, president and chairman of the board of Cook’s Pest Control, a southeastern leader in the pest control industry. The collection was first used to supplement the curriculum of technicians attending Cook’s Technical Training School. In 1980 a permanent museum was built to house the ever-growing collection. Now, more than 30,000 visitors, including vast numbers of school-aged children, tour the site each year.

Cook’s Natural Science Museum is one of the few private museums in the United States authorized by the federal government to include eagle exhibits in their collection. Rarer still is the fact that Cook’s Museum is one of the few museums in the U.S. to display both a bald eagle and a golden eagle. Utilizing state-of-the art displays, including interactive exhibits, talking exhibits, live exhibits and touching exhibits, Cook’s Museum brings nature from around the world to life by showing the animals in their natural habitat.

At the museum, the Tennessee Valley Lake Exhibit alone features more than 50 species of insects, animals and water life from the Tennessee Valley region of the United States. The museum is billed as one of the finest of its type in the South and offers a 64-seat auditorium for class or group activities and the viewing of natural science videos.

Cook’s Natural Science Museum
412 13th Street SE, Decatur, AL 35601
(256) 350-9347

Enjoy your visit to the current exhibit and follow the progress of the new Cook Museum of Natural Science being developed in downtown Decatur; opening is slated for late 2015.