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These areas report to your Engineering & Public Works Director.



Department Phone No:
(256) 341-4740
Department Fax No:
(256) 341-4747

The Street Department hours of operation are from 6:30 am until 5:00 pm (Monday through Friday). Street Department offices are located at 1802 Central Parkway (Public Works Compound).

This department is responsible for the installation of storm sewers; maintenance of streets; repair of curbs and gutters; drainage ditch maintenance. Also, the department assists other City departments with construction needs.

Personnel are available for 24-hour call-out needs due to storm-related damage and other emergencies. These requests along with traffic and street problems should be directed through the Decatur Police Department at (256) 341-4600.

Dirt from construction sites is available for public use based on construction schedules. The department cannot support all such requests due to the lack of suitable material, but every effort is made to accommodate the public need.

Requests for piping of open ditches are handled on an individual basis. Pipes are sized by the Engineering Department and the property owner is required to pay for the pipe and associated concrete work. Payment in advance of work is required, and work is completed based on the department workload.

Mosquito spraying is provided during late spring and the summer months (May through September).

Franklin Parham, Superintendent
Julia Chenault, Public Works Coordinator
Steve Walden, Supervisor/General Construction, Asphalt
Matthew Jackson, Supervisor/Street Cleaning
Tim Ricketts, Supervisor/Concrete Repairs
Rickey Beasley, Supervisor/Drainage Construction
Dave Mitchell, Supervisor/General Construction