Police Department

Nate Allen, Chief of Police

Chief of Police:
Nate Allen

Department Phone:
(256) 341-4600

Department Fax:
(256) 341-4605

Chief of Police Phone:
(256) 341-4602

Office Address:
402  Lee Street NE
First Floor
Decatur, AL 35601

Office Hours:
24 HRS
Monday – Sunday

Decatur Police Department Recruitment Logo

Dedication, Duty, and Honor

Police Department Operations

The Decatur Police Department has the authority and responsibility to enforce and investigate all local, state and federal laws within the City.

Reference: Ordinance No. 1810, Section 2–13(10), Code of Decatur

Core Values

  • We will be fair in mind and judgment. We will always maintain an impartial and unprejudiced attitude.
  • We will treat all people with equality.
  • We will always respect the rights of all citizens, holding these rights in the highest esteem and regard.
  • We will maintain a code of honor and demonstrate that code with behavior that is becoming and worthy.
  • We understand that to be respected we must act in accordance with principles of Honor.
  • We will always act with firmness and demonstrate courage in our actions.
  • We will strive to achieve wisdom and understand that wisdom is knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgment as to action.
  • We understand that we have a burden of responsibility for our actions and that we are accountable for all we do.
  • We will always demonstrate compassion for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.
  • We believe in the principles of professionalism and we will demonstrate these principles on all our actions.
  • We adhere to the concepts of Loyalty and we will apply these concepts by being faithful to the constitution and to our leadership.
  • We revere the truth and we will demonstrate this reverence by being truthful in all our endeavors and by demonstrating a deep respect to an oath of truthfulness.
  • We will always demonstrate our Commitment to our community, our family, and to our profession.
  • We believe in the use of sound Common Sense in the performance of our day-to-day duties.
  • We will always attempt to conduct ourselves in a nobility of manner or style that will demonstrate the Dignity of our profession while always assuring that we also respect the Dignity of others.