Fire Chief

Fire Chief Tony Grande

Department Phone No:
(256) 341-4863
Department Fax No:
(256) 341-4871


4119 Old Highway 31 Southwest
Decatur, Alabama 35603

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The Decatur Fire and Rescue Administrative Office hours are 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM Monday thru Friday and is located at 4119 Old Highway 31 Southwest.

For General Information contact the Chief's Office at
(256) 341-4863.

Decatur Fire and Rescue offers a number of services that include:

  1. Fire Suppression
  2. Fire Prevention/Investigation
  3. Safety Training
  4. Public Relations/Education
  5. Emergency Medical Services
  6. Technical Rescue
  7. Hazardous Materials Mitigation

For employment oportunities and information, call the Human Resources Department at (256) 341-4890.

Fire Administration is responsible for budgeting, bill payment, purchasing, research and development, records management, annual reporting, personnel training records, Insurance Service Office (ISO) rating, physical fitness compliance and communications.

The Administration Office provides a vital role in insuring the Fire-Rescue Department is up to date with the technical advances of the modern fire services and homeland security issues. This office monitors trends and statistics to insure that all dollars allocated are used efficiently and effectively.

Contact Personnel: Fire Chief Tony Grande (256) 341-4863

Administrative Division

(256) 341-4862

The Bureau of Fire Prevention at Decatur Fire and Rescue provides a wide range of services that includes the inspection of all commercial, business and public facilities. This office also addresses plan reviews and assistance in planning special events. Fire investigation and fire cause determination are included in this division's functions.

Contact Personnel: Fire Marshal, Battalion Chief Jason Jones (256) 341-4870

Decatur Fire and Rescue conducts fire and life safety programs developed specifically for the audience making the request.

For more information, contact the office of the Administrative Division at (256) 341-4858.

Decatur Fire and Rescue provides both basic and advanced life support in trauma and life threatening situations; providing expert care in the critical minutes before a patient arrives at a hospital. The department currently has crossed trained Firefighters, licensed as Emergency Medical Technicians, and Paramedics. Each fire engine in the city is equipped with a defibrillator.

Our in-station services include free blood pressure checks and diabetes screening at all eight fire stations. Results are kept confidential so that trends can be monitored and the need to see a physician can better be determined.

For more information, contact the office of the EMS Coordinator at (256) 341-4861.

Operations Division

Operations Chief
Janice Johnson
(256) 341-4837

Decatur Fire and Rescue has a full service Technical Rescue and Hazardous Materials Mitigation Team trained to respond to special rescue situations and control chemical spills and releases.  With the industrial background and growth of the City of Decatur, Hazardous Materials Mitigation Team has proven to be a valuable part of  our department.  For more information contact Division Chief Janice Johnson at (256) 341-4837.

Decatur Fire and Rescue is keeping abreast of all current training as it relates to the fire and EMS services.  In order to effectively provide and control the programming, training activities are planned and scheduled by our training and education committee.  This committee has devised a plan and schedule that utilizes our modern Fire Training Center located in the Flint area of Decatur.  For information on classes or to schedule a visit to the center contact Division Chief Janice Johnson at (256) 341-4837.

Human Resources, Finance & Purchasing:
Dot Bragg at (256) 341-4862