Certificate of Occupancy

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An application form for the re-occupancy of existing buildings is available in the Building Department. When the occupancy classification, as determined by the adopted building code, changes from either an occupancy with a lower hazard classification to one that is higher, or from higher to lower hazard classification, then plans and specifications prepared in accordance with the International Existing Building Code©, 2009 Edition shall be submitted defining the scope of work and the work area within the building.  Upon review and approval of plans and specifications so prepared, and verification that the proposed use is permitted by the zoning ordinance for the use district of the property, appropriate permits shall be issued to renovate or alter the building.  Upon completion of the work defined in the permits, with the requisite inspections having been completed, a new certificate of occupancy will be issued.  Certificates of Occupancy are required for business license issuance by the Revenue Department.  Plans and specifications shall be prepared by a registered design professional, unless it is determined that the re-occupancy of an existing building will not incur substantial modification or alteration.

Reference: Section 25-7, Code of Decatur

Final Building Inspection

A final building inspection is required before a certificate of occupancy is issued on all new construction. The department will allow the homeowner to store items in the garage only if the items stored do not block the view of any inspections, and the permission of the Building Department is obtained before storing the items. A certificate of occupancy will be granted on all new construction after the final building inspection has passed and a final survey is submitted to the Building Department.

Reference: Building Director, Section 25-7-56, Code of Decatur